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Dec 31 - Multi-issue unfurl, Support Self Service and other improvements

Multi-issue unfurl

Support for multi-issue unfurl - users can mention multiple Jira issue keys and all of them will unfurl in a compact list. The list can be expanded for more information or to take action.

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Support Self Service

For large teams that want to handle support requests from use of Troopr, you can now configure the email address or Slack channel where your customer feedback on Troopr will be sent.

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Check-in - more scheduling options

If you are using Troopr Check-ins, you now have many more ways you can schedule your Check-ins with support for "Every 2 weeks", "Every 3 weeks", "Every 4 weeks", "First week of month", "Last week of month".

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Fixes & enhancements

  • New improved Slack Check-in report - cleaner UI and easier to glance
  • Check-in answer modal now shows previous check-in response while answering the current Check-in
  • Multiple bug fixes in Check-in web app reports
  • Workspace switcher now shows full workspace name on hover
  • "Show Reports" button in Slack now shows paginated results
  • Support for hyperlink in Jira notifications in summary, comment and description

Dec 16 - Log time command and new Jira Standup insights

Log time command

You can now type the following command to log time on any Jira issue in Slack./t log 1hr TP-121

Check-in Insights

If you use Troopr recurring Check-ins, your team can now look at team insights in one place for retrospective review. Drill down by date or team member to get more insightful reports.

Retrospective Check-in upgrade

If you are using Troopr's Retrospective Check-ins for your team, now you can let your participants vote and comments on the responses from other team members. Collaborate better with your team to continuously improve your team processes.

Fixes & enhancements

  • Dashboard Jira report data mismatch fixed
  • Custom JQL reports now show the JQL below chart
  • Issue listing filter "Get Issues by Board" now groups Boards by Project
  • Task check-in (Jira Standup) now supports custom JQL configuration
  • Task check-in (Jira Standup) now supports Sprint field configuration
  • If you use Team mood check-ins, your team can now respond from the webapp
  • Planning poker Check-in now shows full summary text without truncation and additionally a link to the issue in Jira

Nov 30 - Enhanced Slack Grid Support

Shared authentication profile

When a user verifies his Jira account in Trroopr, the verification profile is shared across all workspaces in the Slack grid, allowing the user to access Jira without verifying Jira account again in each workspace

Shared user profile across

Troopr user profiles in Slack grid are shared across workspaces in the grid, allowing Troopr to recognize external users taking action in an workspace.

Fixes & enhancements

  • Channels list for configuration in webapp to show only the channels the user is part of
  • Notifications now show button action for all updates that happened in the notification time interval
  • Check-ins configuration now allows admins to enable/disable skip option for participants

Nov 18 - Improvements to Reports and Task-It action

Improvements to Report

Board configuration is now optional, so reports work at project level data. Reports also have support for JQL filter, so you can choose custom JQL filter option to set your own JQL filter for the report. Check out the new report templates for more.

Improvements to Task-It and Comment-it actions

Task-It and Comment-It have improved handling of attachments in the message now. User will be notified about the availability of media in the message and status of attaching it to the issue. "Comment-it" action now has Improved searching behaviour.

Fixes & enhancements

  • Comments update modal now shows recent comments
  • Improved notification handling for Components, Labels and Multi user picker field updates.
  • Fixed bugs in /t create command
  • "Issues by Assignee" Report now shows "Un assigned" as well
  • All Graph reports now have "show issues" button for drill down with link to Jira page for full listing
  • Reports will now show total number of issues handled in the report.
  • Fixed issue with delays in adding comment to issue
  • Fixes to /t sprint start and sprint stop command
  • Board suggestions everywhere will now show show if it is Kanban or Scrum Board

Nov 6 - Custom Questions in Task Check-in, OAuth 1.0 support for Jira Server

Custom Questions in Task Check-in

Now you can add custom questions alongside Jira issues that will be prompted for update during the Check-in.

OAuth support for Jira Server

Connect to Jira Server using OAuth 1.0. If you have used basic authentication for your existing connection, it will continue to work. You can delete the connection and use OAuth connection for your workspace if you choose. Read more about it here.

Fixes & enhancements

  • Improved Jira activity log format
  • Improved Jira notification msg format
  • Fixed filter reset issue when refreshing Apphome
  • Fixed slowness in JQL filter validation when configuring issue list filter
  • Support for searching project by key (or name) in project suggestion dropdown

Oct 30 - Huge Performance enhancements

Performance improved across the board. Issue listing is now up to 4x faster. Reports are up to 10x faster. Significant performance enhancements across all actions for Jira Server and Cloud. For long running Jira actions, Troopr now indicates processing state until the action is complete. Hard limits are set for resource intensive reports and report creator is warned and notified about the breach of limits.

Fixes & enhancements

  • Improved error handling during slash command execution.
  • Creation modal now shows both current and future sprint options
  • Fixed issues with transition validation for custom fields
  • Transition validation errors now show up in modal for app home compatibility
  • Better error handling when issue creator does not have access to the default project

Oct 23 - Jira Service Desk Support, Multi message action & more

Support for Jira Service Desk

Now you can connect to any Jira Service Desk project just like you connect to a Jira Software project. All features of Troopr Slack integration for Jira work regardless of the project type including ticket creation, update, listing, notification, smart reports and nudges.

Multi message actions

Now you can convert multiple Slack messages in a conversation to one Jira ticket by using the multi-message action feature. Pin the first message in the sequence with a emoji and perform the "Task It" or "Comment It" message action on the last message in the sequence. Now you have all the messages captured in one Jira ticket. Read more about it here.

Fixes & enhancements

  • Now you can apply "Issues by Assignee" filter to your list of issues
  • Pick up new tickets for yourself with "Assign to Me" quick action
  • Edit channel defaults for any Slack channel in the webapp
  • Improved support for transition validation - Now relevant error message is shown when validation rules are not complied to.
  • Add Remaining Time when logging time to a ticket

Oct 9 - Upgraded Issue Creation form, New Commands & more

New commands

List issues assigned to any user:1/t list @assigneeCopied!List issues by status:1/t list +status:<status>Copied!

New issue creation & edit forms

The new upgraded issue creation form allows dynamic project and issue type selection. It auto populates all fields configured for creation in Jira and sorts the required fields to appear on top. It includes capabilities for assisted field value selections and validations. Creation form also respects status transition validation rules when configured. Issue edit form now allows editing any allowed field all in one form while complying to permissions and transition rules configured in Jira.

New Share modal in Slack

One simplified form to share issues in any Slack channel or to any person in Slack. Share action now supports ability to modify the content of the shared message

Improved Attachment support

"Task it" and "Comment it" Slack message actions now support media attachments

Fixes & enhancements

  • Slash command execution errors and acknowledgements now only visible to requestor
  • Public/ private channel where bot is not added, if there user use update or create command then bot should be adding automatically
  • /t list - footer values now update when filter is updated

Sep 30 - Improved Jira Commands, Jira Task Check-in, Retrospective in Slack

Jira commands

You can use 2 new commands now for assign, update, comment & commands. This is in addition to existing commands for list, create, find and configure. See full list of commands hereAssign an issue to user1/t assign <issue-key> @userCopied!Display list of commands1/t commandsCopied!Update issue field with given value1/t update <issue-key> +<field>:<value>Copied!Add comment to an issue1/t comment <issue-key> <comment>Copied!

Jira Task Check-in

New Task Check-in template is now available. Task Check-in for Jira prompts participants to directly update the issues assigned to them during the Check-in time period and builds an aggregated report in the end. This way you get to see each person’s contribution while also keeping Jira updated. Read more about it here

Jira Retrospective

Troopr Check-in template for Retrospective allows scrum teams to conduct retrospective meetings in Slack. You can setup a custom schedule, participants and customize the questions for the retrospective and have Troopr collect responses and prepare aggregate report for Slack and for the web. More about the feature here

Aug 25, 2020 - Slack Shortcut support & more

Slack Shortcut

Slack introduced recently a new way to access Slack apps called Shortcuts. Troopr Jira Slack integration now supports Shortcuts for Jira search and Jira issue listing.

Disable Unfurl

In case you need to disable Jira unfurl, Troopr now allows you to disable unfurl when the issue key is part of Atlassian url in the Slack message.

Convert Slack message to Jira issue comment

Troopr now lets to convert Slack messages to a comment in an existing Jira issue in one click.

Fixes & enhancements

  • Enhanced "Jira custom JQL report" with more pre-built customizable templates
  • Support for reports “Issue Due Today” and “Issue Due Tomorrow”
  • Enhanced "BurnDown chart" - with updated design
  • Added support for Epic link search using Jira Id
  • When converting Slack message to Jira issue, Troopr now allows you to customize issue fields before creation
  • Added Go to Webapp magic button to auto-login the user to webapp
  • Fixed cancel workflow during Jira OAuth connection
  • Jira server: Added Story Points to Sprint start / close notifications
  • Included project name in all relevant Jira reports
  • Fixed error message when configuring report without API token
  • Jira onboarding enhancement - customized onboarding when user visits from Jira website
  • Jira command bug fixes to required field behavior

Jul 28, 2020 - New Issue Creation & more

New Improved Issue creation behavior

New issue creation modal allows users to select issue type during creation. Issue type, project and board auto-select to the channel defaults and also allow changes during creation. Switching issue types dynamically populates the creation form for the relevant issue type in the project.

Convert Slack attachments to Issue attachments

Now you can click any attachment in Slack and attach that in one click to an existing Jira issue.

Fixes & enhancements

  • Added issue transition notifications
  • Easier command - Added common commands like create, find, configure, list
  • Enhancement to "Issue by Custom JQL" Report - with some pre populated templates
  • Sprint start & end notifications now come with summary velocity report
  • Improved search behavior - Find now lets you search by keyword in Apphome
  • Jira issue listing now shows priority field as well
  • Resolved @mention notification not working in issue description in Jira Server
  • Jira commands bug fixes for Jira Server

Jul 16, 2020 - Compact Jira reports, auto-mapping and more

Compact Jira reports

If you worry about Jira reports in Slack taking up too much real estate, Troopr now supports text summary reports that are compact and has all the data you need to track and take action.

Jira auto-mapping enhancements

Jira app customers can now more efficiently auto-map their team members Slack and Atlassian accounts. Troopr has more granular configuration to track and manage auto mapping.

Jira search enhancement

Troopr Jira issue search now lets you find and act on issues faster in Slack. Also comes with option to search for multiple issues matching your search phrase.

Fixes & enhancements

  • Support for new "Issues by Reporter" report
  • Reports handle support for Kanban projects more gracefully.
  • Now personal notifications default to @mention event ONLY.
  • One click disable notification for all unverified users in your workspace.
  • Support for media attachments when converting Slack message to issue.
  • Fixed issues with Troopr commands list, create, find and configure.
  • "Custom JQL" Report now support editing JQL templates.
  • Sprint end notification now includes Velocity Report. Gain insight and celebrate team progress together in Slack.
  • Jira issue listing now includes priority attributes in description.
  • Resolved @mention in issue description does not trigger notification sometimes in Jira Server

Jun 25, 2020 — Multiple workspaces , Invite button and more

Multiple workspaces

If you are part of multiple Slack workspaces where Troopr is installed, you can now login once and switch workspaces with single click. This makes it easier to collaborate across teams while keeping separated access control.

Fixes & enhancements

  • Invite button in Slack app home to easily invite Troopr to channel
  • Added calendar based date/time selection in Jira Log time action
  • Troopr now remembers user task listing filters in Slack. So next time you come back to Troopr in Slack, you will see the list of your tasks just the way you wanted.

Jun 18, 2020 — Big upgrade to Jira Integration

Jira Integration: Board support

You can now specify default Board (earlier you could only specify projects) for your issue listing and creation. Troopr will pull your issues from specified Board. New issues will also get created directly in the Board when possible. Boards are also supported in all your Jira Reports for Slack.

Jira Integration: Allow users to see issues without Jira login

You can have your team members see issues assigned to them in Slack without the need to login and verify their Jira account. The verification process is delayed until the user needs to take action on issues.

Fixes & enhancements

  • Support for editing any custom issue field in Slack Apphome

Jun 4, 2020 — Improvements to Jira Auto-mapping

Jira: Auto-mapping improvements

Troopr will now auto-map Jira (Cloud) users with users in Slack when it detects profile matches with high confidence. For others, you can still manually map individually or on behalf of your team members.

Fixes & enhancements

  • Support for manual user mapping in Jira Server
  • Added calendar based date/time selection in Jira Log time action
  • Fixed issues with @mention notifications in Jira Server

May 15, 2020 — Jira issues in Slack Dashboard

Earlier you could type commands in Slack to get Jira issues, now you can see & update Jira issues assigned to you as soon as you visit Troopr app in Slack. No need for commands or buttons so your team to easily discover what Troopr can do for them. It also reduces friction even more for quickly creating and updating issues in Jira from Slack.This improvement required significant redesign to Troopr app functionality. We are committed to bringing more of Troopr to Slack Apphome and for the benefit more and more teams like yours.

Fixes & enhancements

  • Fixed bug where @mention notifications were not sent in some scenarios.
  • Added support for Jira Sever/Cloud connection in AppHome when Jira is the default project management tool and not connected yet.
  • Fixed few bugs in Jira Server and personal notifications
  • Manage Jira notifications directly in Slack. Earlier the configuration for updating Jira notification preferences was buried under multiple clicks. Now a prominent button in Slack Apphome will directly let you switch off / on Jira personal notifications.

April 16, 2020 — More Fixes and Enhancements

  • Burndown Report configuration now automatically picks the current sprint when sending report to Slack.
  • issue mentions in Slack thread now unfurl within the thread
  • You can now send email to Jira admin if you are unable to connect your Jira domain. The email template include links and instructions for webhook setup.
  • Fixed an issue with domain selection when user account is connected to multiple Jira domains
  • Fixed user account mapping auto-suggest when you want to map your team member Jira accounts on their behalf.
  • Troopr Slack App now includes "Help Center" and "Feedback" links so getting in touch with us is easier.

APR 02, 2020 — New Web Application UI

New improved navigation in web application

Cleaner and improved UI in web application for current features. Easier navigation and use of mature UI components are highlights. Also makes way for some of the big new upgrades coming in May.

Fixes & enhancements

  • Attachment support for Jira server from Slack. You can now add files and media directly from Slack as attachment to issues in your Jira Server/Datacenter.
  • Fixed issues with sharing Jira tickets across Slack channels.
  • More bug fixes in scheduling burndown chart for Slack
  • Issue creation form now shows first 100 available assignees and reporters by default.

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