Planning Poker

"Planning poker, also called Scrum poker, is a consensus-based, gamified technique for estimating work"

You can engage your team in an easy, secure and fun way to build consensus-based work estimates in Slack. Troopr will ask about task estimates to the planning poker participants in Slack and will send summary responses as a Slack channel report and a webreport.

Please connect Jira before trying Planning Poker. Here is how you can do it: Connecting Jira (Cloud) Connecting Jira (Server / DC)


To set up a Planning Poker Check-in, navigate to the "Troopr Assistant" Home tab, click on "New team Check-in" and select "Planning Poker" from the drop-down.

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The checkin creation form will open, follow the below mention simple steps:

Step 1: Select Participants and Schedule

In the setup form, give your planning poker session a name and pick the participants who will estimate the tasks in the planning poker session. Select the scheduling options.

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Step 2: Select Jira Questions

In the next step, choose the tasks that you want your team members to estimate. If you are connected to Jira (Server or Cloud) in your Troopr workspace you will be able to search for any issue in the projects you have access to. You can search by issue key or summary. You can choose the task via a JQL as well.

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Step 3: Choose Story point options

Once you have selected the issues, you can pick the story point options. You can choose estimation options from the templates as well.

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Step 4: Choose reporting options

Once the participants, questions and estimate options are set, you can now choose when and where you want to results of the planning poker session.

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In this step, you can set

  1. "Report Delivery"- Choose to have the report after wait time or when or responses are received.
  2. "Wait Time" - the time period for the planning poker session after which results will be shared
  3. "Send report to channels" - the Slack channels where the Check-in report with results will be sent. Support multiple channels.
  4. "Send report to people" - Select people in your Slack workspace who will receive the report. You can choose to configure any number of people to receive the report.

One of #2, #3 above is mandatory to complete the setup.


To start a planning poker check-in, start by typing the following command in any Slack channel:1/t checkinCopied!Click on "My Check-ins" and choose the planning poker checkin from the list. Choose "Run Now" from other actions. Confirm to start the session immediately.


The participants of the Planning poker will be prompted to answer in Slack with a private msg like this one. Participants can answer anytime before the end of the wait time.

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On clicking on the "Answer" button, participants will be asked to choose their estimates for each task. The form can be submitted once all questions are answered.

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Slack Report

Troopr delivers an actionable report with Planning Poker results in Slack.

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You can update the issues in the report directly from within Slack. You can open the issue edit form in Slack and update the estimate and/or update any other issue field without the need to navigate to Jira.

Web Report

Troopr also delivers a persistent detailed report in Troopr web app. This is useful to keep the record of the sessions for future historical reference and also share with other team members.

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You can create any number of such Planning Poker Check-in sessions.

Updated 22 Dec 2021
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