Instant Planning Poker

Conduct planning poker meetings with your team instantly in Slack.

How to set up

To set up the instant planning poker, invite Troopr to the Slack channel by typing the command @Troopr Assistant. After onboarding Troopr, type the command ‘/t poker’. 

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To estimate a jira issue, type the command ‘/t poker (issue_id)’. To estimate Jira tasks, make sure you have linked your Jira account. Here is a document on how to link your Jira account- Link/Unlink your Jira account.

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Once you hit enter, a model will appear where you would need to fill in the task summary, choose the estimation points template and also select the designated channel. Once this setup is complete, participants can estimate the task.

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Once the setup is done, Troopr will send a message in the channel asking all participants to estimate the task. Participants can estimate the task and also state the reason for the estimated value.  

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After the participants have completed estimating, the creator of the poker meeting can choose to end the meeting and view the report. The estimates would be hidden until the creator clicks on 'View Report'. The report would contain a graph displaying the estimated values and also the participants who estimated the values. You can choose to view the reason participants have provided by clicking on the thread below the report. You can also rerun the planning poker until a consensus is reached or start a new estimate

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Working in shared channel

You can run instant planning poker meetings with people outside your organization in a shared channel. Invite Troopr to your shared channel and set up the instant planning poker. All members of the shared channel would be able to participate in the poker meeting and the report would include the estimates from all participants. 

Differences between Instant and Standard Planning Poker

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Updated 06 May 2022
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