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March 25, 2022 - Fixes and Enhancements

  • Fixed a bug that allowed non-verified Jira users to delete channels. Only verified users can make changes to channel configurations.

Mar 9, 2022 - Fixes and Enhancements

  • Administrators can now view all actions performed by team members in Wiki by going to the Metrics section in Troopr WebApp.
  • Implemented new sidebar
  • Change the sidebar drop-down to Click triggered
  • Slack channel onboarding text changes
  • Fixed Troopr help centre in the feedback model

Jan 12, 2022 - Fixes and Enhancements

  • Fixed: create issue button in the Wiki is going in the channel as a new message instead of the thread.
  • On the Wiki "channel preference" page, the latest configuration will come on the top.
  • Fixed; Wiki channel, Back option -"all channels" button is not coming

Jan 06, 2022 - Fixes and Enhancements

  • Fixed: In a new channel, during channel onboarding, if we set up the Wiki channel then we are saving it as a 'support channel' in 'common config' collection at that time "channel name" is not saved in DB.
  • Fixed: if you switch tabs from Jira to the Wiki then the page is going to dashboard.

Dec 25, 2021 - Fixes and enhancements

  • The Metrics page have a prominent refresh button.
  • Improved Channel type selection page.

Dec 3, 2021 - Fixes and enhancements

  • Searching Confluence document comments are now disabled by default
  • Fixed a bug that caused Thumbs up and down icon to not work in some cases in Wiki search result
  • Fixed Wiki search behaviour in Slack bot channel
  • Fixed a bug in the Slack login page that blocked login for some users

Nov 17, 2021 - Support for Confluence Server & New Pricing

Troopr Wiki now supports Confluence Server. All features from the Confluence cloud are also available with Confluence Server.

Troopr products are now billed separately. Customers can get the benefit of lower prices when buying individual products. See the pricing page for more details.

Fixes and enhancements

  • Added Wiki commands to commands list documentation in Launcher "Command" button

  • Wiki channel configuration now supports restricting access to only channel admins
  • Wiki Aliases now supports compound words
  • Troopr now tracks install metadata to provide a custom onboarding experience
  • New Slack channel onboarding for when Troopr is invited to channels
  • Slack onboarding now greets with the display name in place of the full name

  • Customers can now enable/disable each of the 5 products
  • Custom onboarding is available now for each of the 5 products
  • Metrics page now moved from Home to Metrics tab 
  • Customers can restrict access to enabling/disabling Troopr products for the workspace
  • Customers can now request a change of subscription plan on billing page

Oct 21, 2021 - Launching Troopr Wiki

Document image

Today we are thrilled to launch the Troopr Wiki. This will be the first time customers can directly signup for the Troopr Wiki product.

Setting up a traditional team wiki can be hard and getting your team to use it can be harder. That is why we made Troopr Wiki to easily access your team's knowledge during their conversations in Slack.

Troopr can automatically find relevant answers to questions posted in your Slack channel(s). Just designate a channel for the purpose and connect it to your Confluence wiki using Troopr.

In addition, if you are managing support for your team, you can

  1. Easily search Wiki pages in Slack with the /t wiki command.
  2. Find the answers to employees' questions in channels with a single click.
  3. Track and improve usage with Analytics.

October 5, 2021 - Support for Confluence integration in Slack

Get instant suggestions from Confluence in Slack
Get instant suggestions from Confluence in Slack
Document image

You can now receive instant suggestions from Confluence in Slack. The link on the suggestions takes you to the dedicated Confluence page. Read the article and (optionally) vote the suggestions for Troopr to improve the search accuracy the next time.

Updated 01 Apr 2022
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