Troopr Workflow Steps

Troopr integrates with Slack's Workflow Builder and enables users to easily build automations with Jira. 

Slack workflow builder is a visual tool to automate everyday tasks without writing any code. You can simply choose how you want a workflow to start, then go through step by step to decide what happens next. One of these steps can be to create an issue in Jira using Troopr.

Troopr provides the following steps for Slack workflow.

  1. Create Jira Issue - to create a Jira issue in any Jira project
  2. Create Jira Request - to create a Jira request in a Jira Service Management project
  3. Extract Message - to extract the Slack message content to be used while creating Jira issue

Get started with an example Slack workflow here: Creating a Workflow

Before getting started with Troopr's workflow steps, ensure that your workspace administrator has connected Troopr to your Jira. If Jira is not connected yet in your Troopr workspace, you can request the Jira administrator to complete that step first by logging in to Troopr and following instructions to connect Jira Cloud or Server/DC.

If you have not installed Troopr yet, you can install by simply adding Troopr to your Slack workspace. Follow the instructions on this page to complete the installation.

If you do not see Troopr's workflow steps in your Slack Workflow, please make sure you update to the latest version of Troopr by clicking on "Try Troopr" on our website