Private Jira Reports in Slack

Schedule Private Jira reports in Slack Every team member in the Slack workspace will see a personalized list of Jira Reports in the Troopr Assistant Home tab in Slack. Troopr remembers your preferences and renders persistent and up-to-date Jira reports.

To configure reports for the "Troopr Assistant Home tab in Slack", click on "Troopr Assistant" in Slack (if not visible, add the app first by clicking on the "+" button next to Apps and choosing "Troopr Assistant"). Then navigate to the Home tab, then click on "+ Report" in the Home tab.

You will be redirected to Troopr "Dashboard" page.

Alternatively, you can also navigate to the Troopr web app and then to "Dashboard".

Click on "New Report". You will get the list of report templates, from which you can choose and customize. Select and configure a report.

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If you choose, say Burndown Chart, select Board and the chart configuration and that's it.

Burndown chart for the current sprint will be delivered to Slack every time you visit the Troopr Home tab. Click "Refresh" in the Home tab to get the latest report.

Updated 21 Dec 2021
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