Updating Jira Connection

Why Jira reconnection is needed:

  • We are ending new development on the old Jira connection except for critical bug fixes. All new features will only be supported for teams using the new Jira connection.
  • We will be limited in our capacity to support teams using old connections.
  • The new connection has better token handling and a limited risk of connection failures.

Impact of reconnection on your users

  • All Jira related configurations will survive the reconnection process. This includes your connection preferences, channel preferences, personal preferences. This also includes channel and personal reports. 
  • No changes will be required in the Check-ins that depend on the Jira connection
  • Existing user verification data will be invalidated. Users who verified their Jira accounts earlier will need to do the same again. Please read the instructions below on how to automate reminders to all unverified users to take action. This is a one-click verification process and should take less than a minute to complete.

How to reconnect to your Jira

In order to disconnect and reconnect to the Jira, you (Jira admin) need to take the following three steps: 1) Delete the current connection from the connection page:

Document image

2) Reconnect Jira: Please follow the below document to connect again:

For Server/DC: https://docs.troopr.ai/project/initial-setup-server-dc 3) Send reminders to users for verifying the account by going to user mapping and clicking on "Remind all unverified users". Alternatively, you can choose the user manually and send reminders to verify their account. 

Document image

How users will verify their Jira accounts When a user gets the message, they can click on Verify button and follow the instructions. It is a one-click verification process and takes less than a minute.

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Updated 11 Mar 2022
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