Restrict Channel Configuration Access

By default, any member of the Slack channel can configure the channel to set up notification preferences and channel creation defaults. However, in the case where you need to restrict this access to select people, you can choose to enable such restriction in the channel settings.

To enable this feature, start by navigating to the Troopr web application at https://app.troopr.io/ and click on "Jira Bot" from the top menu. Select "Channel Preferences" and choose the channel where you want to enable restrictions.

Find the "Restrict Channel configuration" section and enable the feature.

When you enable this feature, you will become the default administrator. Now you can add more administrators as needed.

Channel administrator privileges

  • Add, update channel notification preferences
  • Add, update channel defaults for creation and listing
  • Add, remove other administrators for the channel

Channel administrators cannot remove themselves from the role when the feature is enabled. Workspace administrators will have all Channel admin privileges except the ability to remove other channel administrators (until they become channel administrators themselves)

Updated 17 Dec 2021
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