Mapping your team members

Map Slack accounts to Atlassian accounts for your team members using the "User Mapping" feature in Troopr. Mapping team member accounts let them to

  1. Browse issues assigned to them in Troopr Assistant "Home"
  2. Get personal notifications for @mentions
  3. Fetch Jira activity log for Check-ins (Troopr will fetch Check-in participant's recent activities from Jira)

User mapping does not allow any Jira actions beyond above 3. For any other actions, the user has to verify his Jira account on the "Personal Preferences" page.

To set up "User Mapping", click on the "Map team members" link in the "Troopr Assistant Home" footer section in Slack.

You will be redirected to the "User Mapping" page. Alternatively, you can get to this page by navigating to the Troopr web app and then to "Project (Jira)" and then to "User Mapping".

To create/update mapping, click on "New Mapping" and match "Slack user" and "Atlassian user" for a team member and submit.

Repeat for every team member you want to map.

Automatic Mapping of Users

When your workspace is connected to your Jira domain, Troopr will attempt to automatically map Jira accounts to Slack accounts based on confidence in profile match.

Troopr may be able to map up to 100% of the accounts depending on your Jira setup. Mapped accounts will show up as unverified in the "Jira User mapping" page of the Troopr web app. You can see the list of mapped accounts by clicking on the "Map team members" link in the Home tab of the "Troopr Assistant" app in the footer section. For the accounts that Troopr is not able to map, you can use manually map them by clicking "New Mapping" (as described in the above section).

Only verified users can take full advantage of Troopr to create/update issues, set up channel configurations, use Jira reports for Slack and more. Unverified users can verify their Jira account by clicking on the "Jira Login" button in the Home tab of "Troopr Assistant" in Slack. Alternatively, they can navigate to the Troopr web app and then to "Project (Jira)" and then to the "Personal Preferences" page and then click on the "Login to Verify" button.