Dedicated Channel Sync

Create dedicated channels that sync 2-way with a Jira issue

Channel Sync Key Features

  • All updates and activities from Jira will be posted on this channel
  • All conversations in this channel will get updated as comments in the issue
  • Participants, if any, from the Jira issue will be automatically added as members of the channel
  • You can pause and resume syncing in the channel as you need by typing /t configure
  • Troopr will respond privately to message action triggers ("Task It", emoji actions) in the channel

3 ways to start Channel Sync

  • From Troopr Assistant App Home
  • From issue ticket card drop-down "Start Channel Sync" action
  • From within the channel

Option 1: Starting Channel Sync from Troopr Assistant App Home

Step 1: In the Troopr App Home Page, click on Channel Sync button

Document image

Step 2: Channel Sync modal will open up, enter your preferances and press Start to begin Channel sync.

Document image

Option 2: Starting Channel Sync with a Issue card

In your issue card > Click Select an Optiondropdown > Click on Start Channel Sync

Document image

Option 3: Starting Channel Syn from Channel Onboarding

In the channel onboarding window, scroll to last option > Click ondiscussing one Jira issue in the channel to start Channel Sync.

Document image

👉 Channel Sync can only be configured in a channel where Troopr is not already configured.
👉 Any new channel without Troopr will automatically invite Troopr once Channel Sync is started in it.

Updated 23 Feb 2022
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