Add a workspace administrator

Troopr supports multiple administrators for a workspace. To add an administrator to Troopr workspace, go to https://app.troopr.io/

Navigate to "Settings" from your profile dropdown

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Navigate to the "Admin" tab to see the current administrators. Add a new administrator by selecting them in the drop-down.

Admin Privileges:

  • Add, Remove other admins
  • Configure default project tracker for the workspace
  • Enable / Disable features in the workspace
  • Configure custom feedback management for the workspace
  • Manage Billing profile for the workspace (update payment information, billing email, change plans, download past invoice, receipts etc)
  • Manage any Check-in created in the workspace
  • Manage any Squad created in the workspace
  • Manage Jira connection and related configuration set up by anyone in the workspace

Note that an administrator cannot remove himself from the role.