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Jun 23 2022-

Fixes and Enhancements

  • Troopr’s Channel sync feature allows users to sync conversations in a Slack channel to a Jira ticket. Agent users now have the option to set up channel sync in private channels.
  • For some grid users, the guest facilitation feature was not working, this issue has now been fixed.

Jun 13 2022- New Features

Access Troopr functionality in other bots

Users with any additional bot(s) other than Troopr in a particular channel can now trigger options Troopr actions for the other bots active in the channel. Users can now use Troopr features like Emoji ticketing,Task-it, and Unfurling for other bots.

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Customize value for Issue Card modal

Users can now customize the values for action buttons for Jira Issue Card display modal. The customized values will be shown in a drop down list for users to choose from. Follow the steps below to customize your action button:

Step 1 : Open Troopr Web App > Helpdesk > Channel Preferences > Choose preferred Agent channel > Click Configure > On the bottom left click on Click Issue Card Customization Step 2 : Click on the action button drop down list and select your preferred display value Step 3: In designated Slack channel, assigned action button values get reflected in Issue Card Modal

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Assign issues to channel members

Users are now provided with the option ‘Assign’ in the issue card modal allowing to designate another person as assignee for a ticket. Earlier users could only assign an Issue to themselves using the 'Assign to Me’ feature.

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Jun 2, 2022- Fixes and Enhancements

  • Agents viewing a ticket in the support channel will now be shown an issue view modal with access to options to view, edit, and make changes in the ticket from within the Slack channel.
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  • Users accessing the view ticket as customers in the same support channel will be shown the ticket view modal only.
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  • Now on changing request type, users will not be prompted to choose their project again.

Apr 14, 2022- Tracking notifications gets easier

Users will no longer be hindered by noisy notifications. With a completely new layout, user notifications have been formatted for maximum clarity and to reduce clutter. Users can now differentiate between Troopr actions and text posted by other users in threads in a single glance.

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Fixes and Enhancements

  • Earlier only agent users were able to start channel syncs. With the new enhancement, all verified project users with site access can now start Channel Syncs 
  • Earlier some users were being shown duplicate copies of their thread replies while commenting in real time. This bug has now been fixed.

Apr 1, 2022- Demo channels and Video onboarding

Demo Channels

Users can now set up a demo channel to run trials for Helpdesk without disturbing existing channels in their Slack. 

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Video onboarding

The process of setting up Jira Connection has been made easier with accompanying detailed video instructions.

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March 3, 2022 - Custom Emojis Feature

Users can upload images to make custom emoji in Slack. Now Troopr allows the use of custom emoji to create tickets from Slack messages. Read more Emoji ticketing.

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Fixes and Enhancements

  • When Troopr does not know about the Jira account of the @mention user in Slack, Troopr will now use the Slack username in Jira. This will work for comments and description.

Feb 24, 2022- New Guest Facilitation feature

This feature now allows unverified users (those who have not yet connected their Jira account) to create and comment on Jira tickets. At the Slack channel level, the HelpDesk admin can allow a Jira account for guest facilitation. To learn more, click here

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Feb 15, 2022 - New Channel Sync Feature

You can now create dedicated channels that sync 2 ways with a Jira issue using Troopr’s “Channel Sync” feature. Channel sync can be started from Troopr Assistant app “Home” tab or by inviting Troopr to a new channel. On starting Channel Sync, all participants from the Jira ticket will be autmoatically added as members of the channel. You can pause and resume syncing in the channel as you need. Channel Sync can only be configured in a channel where Troopr is not already configured. If the channel is syncing with a JSM ticket, internal comments will not sync by default. Read more about it here.

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Fixes and enhancements

  • Fixed a bug that allowed unverified users to edit channel preferences. An error message will now pop up to prompt verification before users are able to open, edit or configure any channel.

Feb 09, 2022 - Fixes and Enhancements

  • Multiple issues/tickets in the same line will unfurl in the thread.
  • DM channel internal comment bug fixed.
  • Admin will have access to see all the projects on the metrics page and other places.

Jan 31, 2022 - Fixes and Enhancements

  • Implemented new sidebar
  • Fixed the “Multi message Comment it “ feature in D when it is having attachment
  • Change the sidebar drop-down to Click triggered
  • Slack channel onboarding text changes
  • Fixed Troopr help centre in the feedback model
  • Fixed Jira connection onboarding, it was showing all projects in the drop-down for Agent channels.

Jan 12, 2022 - Fixes and Enhancements

  • Fixed: when deleting a channel configuration from the Channel preference table, the page is going blank
  • Fixed: auto-create button is unstable. Fixed: Common filters for long jql showing error
  • Fixed: When "Ticket creator as Assignee" is enabled then if we enable "Request CSAT feedback" then "Ticket creator as Assignee" is disabled automatically

Jan 06, 2022 - Fixes and Enhancements

  • Troopr products now show up separately in Troopr web app menu (vs grouped together under Jirabot). This makes for easier navigation for customers that are using only specific products.
  • Jira connection onboarding: error in selecting non-service desk project in support channel is handled now.
  • Fixed: open any support channel in slack > /t stage command> settings > channel pref > click on advanced > blank page is opening in webapp.
  • On the "Channel preference page" now we are showing two tables, one for customer support channels and the other for agent channels.
  • Added warning message when disconnecting Jira connection.


Dec 15 - Thread Sync customization

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Slack threads with Jira Thread Sync will now be customized to show only comments or comments and activities.

Fixes and enhancements

  • Improved handling of auto-create functionality when the Slack message has more than 255 characters Ticket previews will not generate again when Slack message is updated
  • Personal notifications will now link to the customer portal rather than to the project

Dec 3, 2021 - Customize Ticket Preview

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Ticket preview (Unfurl) behaviour can now be customized for every channel.

Fixes and enhancements

  • Tickets created from Slack conversations are now attributed appropriately.
  • Fixed issues with Chinese language request types in ticket creation
  • Fixed a bug in the ticket creation command in the bot channel
  • Fixed a bug that in some cases blocked the CSAT survey message after the ticket is resolved
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Ticket card update status action from working
  • Emoji Task It will now show the appropriate message to invite Troopr to channel

Nov 17, 2021 - Emoji Customization 

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You can now customize the emoji you use to create issues from Slack messages.

Fixes and enhacements

  • Jira Notification for @mention now uses full name instead of display name
  • Slack onboarding now greets with a display name in place of the full name
  • Customers can now request a change of subscription plan

Nov 9, 2021 - New Pricing

Troopr products are now billed separately. Customers can get the benefit of lower prices when buying individual products. See pricing page for more details.

Fixes and enhancements

  • Date time picker field not showing value in edit mode
  • Channel admins can now see all configured channels even when they are not members of said channels
  • Disabled Slack link previews in all Troopr messages by default
  • Moved "Start thread sync" to the top in jira actions dropdown
  • DM channel ticketing feature out of beta. Customers can enable by default in personal pref page
  • Fixed a bug that caused ticketing approval message to not work in some cases
  • Jira Server connection time out error will take only 10sec 
  • Fixed minor bugs in Pricing page UI
  • Handled API throttling to limit Jira and Slack API calls when loading web app, to keep within limits

Oct 21, 2021 - New Channel Preferences page UI

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New Channel Preferences page UI shows channel type for clarity.

Fixes and enhancements

  • Channel configuration can now be deleted in channel preferences main page
  • Fixed a bug that caused project search in support channel ticket creation form to not work
  • Internal comments will also show in the agent channel for Jira Server and Cloud
  • Troopr now tracks install metadata to provide a custom onboarding experience
  • New slack channel onboarding
  • Customers can now enable/disable each of the 5 products
  • Custom onboarding is available now for each of the 5 products
  • Metrics page now moved from Home to Metrics tab 
  • Customers can restrict access to enabling /disabling Troopr products for the workspace
  • Restrict Channel configuration - fixed bug that sometimes showed wrong admins in UI

Oct 5, 2021 - Auto ticket creation

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Troopr now lets you configure a channel to automatically create tickets for every message posted.

Fixes and enhancements

  • Fixed a bug which caused thread sync to not work in some cases
  • @mention notification will not be delivered when user does not have access to the project

Sep 16, 2021 - Fixes and enhacements

  • Minor performance improvements for Jira notification delivery
  • The "Jira Login" button in Slack now takes the user directly to the Atlassian page for authorization
  • Fixed formatting issues in rendering issue description
  • Fixed a bug in thread sync when triggered from the ticket list
  • Multi-message Task It - Troopr now populates the message poster user name from Jira
  • CSAT acknowledgement message now shows the submitted feedback clearly

Sep 16, 2021 - Support for Customer survey in Slack

Document image

Customers now receive a feedback survey in Slack for every ticket that is resolved. They can rate the service by choosing the emoji directly from Slack.

Fixes and enhancements

  • Fixed issues that prevented some users from receiving @mention Jira notifications in Slack.
  • Minor performance improvements to Jira notifications.
  • Fixed issues in a few customer channels that reported “Start thread sync” for individual messages even when the channel setting was enabled.

Sep 6, 2021 - Support for approval workflows in Slack

Approval workflows in Slack
Approval workflows in Slack

Some IT requests have additional transitions in the workflow with the approval step allowing approvers to take decisions even before the agents can proceed with the requests. The approvers now receive notification to make a decision (approve/decline) in Slack.

Fixes and enhancements

  • Fixed issues that prevented some users to see recent comments in the Slack thread.
  • Users now receive a ticket update notification message in the dedicated Slack thread when the agent changes the status of the ticket (from Jira or Slack).
  • Fixed issues that prevented some users from accessing the app home.

Aug 16, 2021 - Customize channel defaults for ticket creation

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You can now set ticket creation defaults for public and private channels. Set any type/number of fields from the ticket creation form as defaults. This configuration is available in the Channel preferences page.

Fixes and enhancements

  • Fixed issues that prevented some users from adding comments in the multi-message actions
  • Minor fixes in workspace admin access functionality
  • Minor improvements in the “user mapping” modal
  • Minor UI enhancements in the web app
  • Fixed issues that prevented Troopr to be added in some channels where the number of users was greater than 100

Jul 15, 2021 - Support to raise requests on behalf of others

Raise requests on behalf of others
Raise requests on behalf of others

You can now choose to raise requests on behalf of others. This field is available in the ticket creation modal.

Fixes and enhancements

  • Minor enhancements in ticket creation and edit modal
  • Multiple bug fixes and minor UI improvements in the web app
  • Fixed issues that prevented some users from receiving an acknowledgement message when their Jira accounts were not verified
  • Minor UI enhancements to Jira onboarding modal

Jul 9, 2021 - Setup personal defaults for ticket creation

Setup personal defaults for ticket creation
Setup personal defaults for ticket creation

You can now set defaults for ticket creation in DM’s and private conversation with “Troopr Assistant”. This configuration is available on the Personal preferences page.

Fixes and enhancements

  • Fixed issues that prevented some users from creating tickets when channel defaults are not configured
  • Minor fixes in Jira ticket search and unfurl actions
  • Fixed issues that prevented some users from configuring Jira notifications in Slack

Jun 28, 2021 - Discuss and sync ticket updates in Slack

Document image

You can now enable/disable channel level thread sync as part of the Jira notification subscription configuration. When thread sync is enabled, ticket creation/updates in Jira will start a thread in Slack where further discussions will be actively synchronized with Jira. Read more about channel notification configuration.

Fixes and enhancements

  • Fixed issues that prevented some users from performing Jira unfurling in Slack
  • Made minor improvements to multi-action attachment
  • You can now set a channel for support as a part of channel settings in Slack
  • Ticket view now shows all the important fields in Slack
  • Made improvements to Jira server onboarding

Jun 9 - Emoji ticket creation in Slack

Document image

You can now create Jira tickets from Slack messages using a simple ticket emoji. Read more about ticket creation here.

Fixes and enhancements

  • Added the request type field in the ticket creation form
  • Fixed issues with automatic user syncing from Slack and user mapping to Jira
  • New lines in Slack messages are handled during quick ticket creation
  • Made minor improvements to the search command in Slack
  • Admins can now sync users from Slack manually
  • Jira bot now supports “update status” and “add comment” commands in Slack

Jun 2 - Separate toggle button for “Thread Sync” and “Message Preview”

Document image

You can now set your preferences for Thread Sync and Unfurl under settings. This setting is available on the Connection settings page.

Fixes and enhancements

  • Comments in the threads show complete text without truncating
  • Fixed webhook issues in the Slack grid for Jira cloud
  • Fixed issues with the “Custom report” for JQL configuration for all the Jira Service Desk projects
  • The thread sync functionality is now working across all the workspaces in the Slack grid
  • The Report creation form will now show a warning message when JQL has more issues than the Report limit
  • Fixed issues with the Channel reports & nudges webpage
  • Multiple bug fixes and UI enhancements in web app and settings
  • Fixed issue with “channel reports & nudges” run now option
  • Multiple enhancements in ticket listing, creation and edit modal
  • You can now choose to set up personal notifications for “Issues reported by me”

Apr 12 - Improved View ticket support

View Ticket

Now you can view the Jira tickets with issue details, attachments, comments and frequent actions all in one place.

Document image

Fixes & enhancements

  • Fixed issues with Slack user profile update sync failing in some scenarios
  • Fixed "Issues by Reporter" report to handle cases when the number of reporters is high
  • Fixed Jira ticket status update to also update the corresponding comment in Jira
  • Troopr web app - paginated lists now allow page size configuration
  • Task it message action in Slack handles rich text formatting better
  • Reduced verbosity of messages in Thread Sync

Apr 5 - Threaded notifications, View ticket Support

Threaded notifications

Jira notifications can now be posted in the Slack thread allowing for a more compact notification format and less noise in the channel. The Slack thread can also be configured to auto-sync future updates from Jira to Slack and vice versa. This can be a better way to track and monitor tickets in Slack. These options are now configurable in the notification subscription configuration.

Document image

View Ticket Support

You can now open Jira issues in view mode similar to the opening issue in the Jira web app. This action will open a popup with all the issue details organized for easier consumption. It will also contain shortcuts to relevant actions. Check out by clicking on View action in a Jira ticket card in Slack.

Fixes & enhancements

  • Now you can submit feedback on Troopr from the web app (similar to how it is done in Slack)
  • Fixed an issue where channel list count was showing incorrectly in the dashboard
  • Fixed an issue with timezone updates in Slack not syncing with Troopr user profile
  • Improved search behaviour in Find action and during /t find
  • Fixed an issue with default values not populating in list field types sometimes
  • Channel configuration in the Troopr web app will now show who set it up

Mar 26 - Dashboard metrics, Reports landing page

Document image

Troopr usage metrics are now available in the Troopr web Dashboard. This includes the number of active users, activity and others in the current and past 30 day periods.

Fixes & enhancements

  • Recent Comments in Thread Sync should show recent up to 5 public comments
  • Fixed issues with syncing profile updates for the new members from Slack to Troopr
  • Disabled auto unfurling of block kit links to external websites for subscription status messages
  • Troopr will attempt to mark Slack message sender as requestor during the "Task It" action
  • Thread Sync can now be started or stopped in any Slack (ticket card) message

Mar 22 - New sidebar, Multi-msg actions in DM

New sidebar UI

Document image

A Cleaner and more organized sidebar allows more space for content and scales better for upcoming new features in Troopr.

Support for multi-task it for DM channels (Beta)

Now Jira service desk agents can convert multiple messages in DM channel conversation to Jira ticket and also start an active sync thread that continuously and automatically updates the Jira ticket with the Slack conversation. The feature is in Beta. Request the team (hello@troopr.io) for early access.

Fixes & enhancements

  • Jira charts now perform consistently in high load scenarios
  • Jira comments form now shows most recent on top
  • Jira thread sync now handles permission issues during comment updates gracefully
  • Jira notifications now support when a comment is added alongside an attachment
  • Jira notifications now show longer comment text before truncating
  • Jira notifications now handle comments with visibility restrictions better
  • Jira notification subscription form will now warn about existing subscriptions
  • Slack user name, profile pic updates now auto-sync into Troopr
  • Jira Unfurl now works on edited messages in Slack
  • Jira thread sync feature now alerts relevant users during updates
  • Troopr workspace switcher in web app shows workspaces list in alphabetical order

Mar 15 - Auto-assign & Custom Help Docs


Now you can configure the ticket creator to automatically be assignee based on channel preference.

Document image

Custom Help Docs

Customers can now set their own help desk link if they have their own getting started material for their team. This setting is available on the Feedback settings page. This will update the links to Help docs everywhere within Troopr.

Document image

Fixes & enhancements

  • Fixed a Report bug that caused failures in high load scenarios.
  • Channel configurations don't show up sometimes in the list in the web app.
  • @mention in Slack now will render properly in Jira comment and description
  • Thread Sync - Delete the comment in Jira now syncs into active thread

  • Unfurl now defaults to thread mode in all-new workspaces
  • Ticket listing filters now show if filters are applied over and above the default channel project
  • Task it action behaviour in thread updated
  • Dashboard reports (creation & editing) always checks if the user has verified his Jira account

Mar 8 - Customize Unfurl behaviour, Ticket list sorting in Slack

Document image

More granular Unfurl configuration

Now you can choose how Troopr expands context when Jira issues are mentioned in Slack. You can also completely disable this behaviour. See configuration in the Connection page for details.

Sorting ticket lists in Slack

Document image

You can now choose to sort the list of tickets that show up when you type /t list or in the Slack app home. Troopr will also remember the settings per channel. Try it in any channel to see how it works.

Mar 1 - Fixes and more fixes

  • Users can now reset channel settings for channel
  • Thread Sync now supports @mention formatting
  • Thread Sync now supports comment edits updates from Jira
  • Fixed bug where some channel configurations won't show in the channel preferences page
  • The User mapping page now shows the count of users who have the verified account
  • User mapping page allows filtering in user mappings table
  • The Ticket creation form now loads faster
  • New users in Slack workspace will now be auto mapped to linked Jira account
  • "User Mapping" page now accessible only by admins or connection owner
  • Jira notification fix - when the user changes the status & comments at the same time, comment notification is no longer missed

Feb 22 - Introducing Thread Sync

Document image

Thread sync

Troopr now supports 2-way real-time ticket syncing in Slack. Conversations in an active thread in Slack will become comments in Jira for the linked tickets. Any update to the ticket in Jira will also show up in the thread, always and in real-time.

Slack Grid support enhancements

Users navigating across workspaces in Slack Grid will now have a more seamless experience

  • Troopr shows shared channel reports in all relevant workspaces in Grid
  • Troop shows shared channel configuration in all relevant workspaces in Grid
  • Troopr auto-syncs user preferences across workspaces in the Grid

These features are in addition to the Jira admin and user connection configuration propagation across workspaces in Grid released earlier.

Fixes & enhancements

  • Troopr Launcher - minor design changes for easier accessibility of frequent actions
  • Multiple bug fixes in ticket listing and notifications

Feb 8 - New Dashboard and more enhancements

New Dashboard

The new Troopr web Dashboard page will be the default landing page. Other than the personal reports which you could always configure here, the new dashboard has shortcuts to important pages for managing your Check-ins, Jira account and more. Login to and see for yourself.

Support for Atlassian Billing

Troopr subscription can now be attached to Atlassian Billing. This allows customers to pay via their existing Atlassian payment profile. Troopr will sync the license in your linked Atlassian account when you choose to enable it.

Fixes & enhancements

  • Troopr handles cases when the app is accessed from a Grid member workspace where it is not installed. More Grid workspace bugs resolved.
  • Adding the user to an existing Troopr workspace in Grid now automatically replicate his Jira access. Removing the user removes his token from that workspace.
  • The billing module now handles payment failures with support for self-service resolution options.
  • Slack app dashboard (app home) now shows the last refresh time.
  • Workspace picker now shows full name.
  • You can now delete the Channel defaults configuration if you have permission

Jan 19 - New Pricing and Billing Profile Management

New Pricing Launched

Workspace administration and a few more premium features were launched as part of the "Premium" plan. Learn more about the new pricing options.

Billing Profile Management

Customers can now manage their Billing profile in the Troopr customer billing portal. The new portal will allow customers to

  • Update payment method
  • Download Invoices
  • Change Troopr subscription plan
  • Update Billing profile information
  • Only workspace administrators will have access to the customer Billing portal. Read more about it.

Fixes & enhancements

  • Fixed issue with showing default reporter value in the ticket creation form.
  • Fixed issues with setting the default project tracker for the workspace.
  • When a Slack message is converted to an issue with the "Task It" action, Troopr will use the sender of the Slack message as the reporter of the ticket.
  • Admin access control enabled for Jira user mapping feature.

Jan 13 - Workspace and Channel Administration

Workspace administration

The person who installed Troopr is the Troopr workspace administrator by default. Now you can add more administrators using the Troopr workspace administration feature. Add any member of the workspace as administrator.

Channel Administration

Configure Channel administrators and restrict access to channel configuration. For example, if you integrate with Jira Service Desk projects, you can set up the agents as channels administrators for the IT helpdesk channel, so customers reporting issues in the channel will be restricted.

Fixes & enhancements

  • Dismiss button now made available in most of Troopr's messages.
  • "Show Activity" message design is now consistent with typical notification design.
  • Jira grouped notifications now show the most recent update on top.

Updated 24 Jun 2022
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