What's new - 2020

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Dec 31 - Feature packed Check-in release 🎄

New Check-in Insights

If you use any of Troopr's recurring Check-ins, your team can now look at team insights in one place for retrospective review. Drill down by date or team member to get more insightful reports.

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Retrospective Check-in upgrade

If you are using Troopr's Retrospective Check-ins for your team, now you can let your participants vote and comments on the responses from other team members. Collaborate better with your team to continuously improve your team processes.

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Check-in more scheduling options

You now have many more ways you can schedule your Check-ins with support for "Every 2 weeks", "Every 3 weeks", "Every 4 weeks", "First week of month", "Last week of month".

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Task Check-in upgrade

Task Check-in now supports custom JQL and Sprint configuration for better control over what issues your team members are asked to update.

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Improved Slack Check-in Report

Cleaner UI and glance friendly design. Many improvements across Check-in prompt and report messages.

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Check-in Context

Check-in answer modal now shows previous check-in response while answering the current Check-in. More improvements to Check-in context coming soon.

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Fixes and improvements

  • If you use Team mood check-ins, your team can now respond from the webapp
  • Planning poker Check-in now shows full summary text without truncation and additionally a link to the issue in Jira
  • Multiple bug fixes in Check-in web app reports
  • Workspace switcher in web app now shows full workspace name on hover
  • Check-ins configuration now allows admins to enable/disable skip option for participants

Nov 4 - Question Templates for Retrospective, Custom Questions in Task Check-in

Questions template for Retrospective Check-in

Now you can pick from 20+ built-in question templates for your retrospective. This will automatically populate the questions for your Retro Check-in. You can further customize the questions as you need. Read more about it here.

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Custom Questions in Task Check-in

You can now include custom questions in Task Check-in. This will prompt the participants to answer these questions after they complete updating the tasks assigned to them during the check-in. The report will include task update activity and answer to the custom questions.

Fixes and improvements

  • Update to Jira activity log in Check-ins to include issue comment activity
  • Handling skipped and holiday statuses in Retro and Task Check-in
  • Troopr Check-ins now support up to 10 questions (from 5 earlier)
  • Jira activity log in the Check-ins now come with better formatting, sorting and limits max activity count for more compact reports.

Oct 23 - Planning Poker Check-in 🃏

Planning Poker in Slack

You can engage your team in an easy, secure and fun way to build consensus based work estimates in Slack using Troopr Planning Poker Check-in. Troopr will ask about task estimates to the planning poker participants in Slack and will send summary responses as Slack channel report and web report. Read more about it here

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed issue with newly created Check-ins not showing up in recent check-ins dropdown in web app
  • Task Check-in answer modal now handles unverified users by prompting them to verify.
  • Task Check in now shows skipped status in the report
  • Check-in engagement reports now account for deleted report instances
  • Check-in creation in web app now supports custom wait time
  • Check-in edit option now available in settings page
  • Check-in web report rendering issues fixed

Sep 30 - Task Check-ins & Webapp Support

Troopr Task Check-in

New Task Check-in template is now available. Task Check-in for Jira prompts participants to directly update the issues assigned to them during the Check-in time period and builds an aggregated report in the end. This way you get to see each person’s contribution while also keeping Jira updated. Read more about it here

Answer in Webapp

Now participants can answer Check-in in web app in browser. If you are already in the browser with your Troopr app open, dont need to switch to Slack to answer your standup.

Setup Check-in in Webapp

Now you can setup new check-in or edit an existing check-in in the webapp as well. All the functionality available via Slack is now available in the web app as well.

Fixes and improvements

  • You can now send Check-in reports to either a Slack channel or to private DM in Slack
  • Updated positioning in the Check-in engagement report
  • Check-in deletion acknowledgement modal will now show check-in name

Sep 19 - Troopr Standups now Troopr Check-ins

Troopr Check-ins

Troopr Standup is now rebranded to "Troopr Check-ins". Standup is one of the many templates that Troopr Check-ins will support. This does not impact any existing standup configurations.

Troopr Check-in for Retrospective

Troopr Check-in template for Retrospective allows scrum teams to conduct retrospective meetings in Slack. You can setup a custom schedule, participants and customize the questions for the retrospective and have Troopr collect responses and prepare aggregate report for Slack and for the web. More about the feature here

Multi-channel support

Now you can configure multiple channels for Check-in reports. Earlier you had to choose just one Slack channel for your report delivery at the end of wait time. Now you can pick up to 100 channels for report delivery.

Send report privately to people

Now you can configure Troopr Check-in to privately send reports to people as DMs. This is in addition to the ability to send the report to multiple channels. This is optional feature.

Email Check-in Reports

You can now email Check-in reports from the Check-in History view in web app. Choose the time range and participant filters and then click on the "Send as Email" in the top right under ellipses button. This will send email to the configured address with relevant data from the selected time period. More details about this feature here.

Fixes and improvements

  • Troopr now automatically unfurls Troopr task mentions in Check-in responses
  • Check-in engagement report now shows participant leave and skipped counts
  • Fixed bug when editing Check-in and adding and removing participants at the same time

Aug 25 - Major August update to your Standups

Team Mood survey

You can now add team mood question to your Standup. Share mood to help grow your team closer. Read here for more

User Vacation planning

Setup planned absences in Troopr so you are not bothered when out of office. Managers also get meaningful engagement metrics that accounts for planned absences. Read here for more

Retrospective Templates

You can now engage your team in Sprint retrospective in Slack. Take advantage of custom scheduling and questions template built for retrospectives. Read here for more

Fixes and improvements

  • Manual reminder support: Select participants and send manual reminders.
  • Summary report will be sent after wait time in Standup configured for non-thread reporting (each response sent as separate message in Slack channel)
  • Manual scheduling support: Now you can setup Standup that will be triggered manually (vs automated recurring schedule).

Jul 28, 2020 — Standup History, Better cross time zone Standups & more

Standup History

You can browse historical data filtered by time period and / or participants in your Standups. Download unlimited historical data. Get better insights into team member contributions using user filter in history report.

Better cross time zone Standups

Upgraded user time zone Standup wait time behavior. Now wait time will be relative to time zone that will trigger last. Read more here.

Fixes and improvements

  • Support for custom time zone in Standup Schedule. Now you can pick any time zone when setting up the schedule.
  • Now you can setup Troopr Standup to send each user response as separate Slack message instead of grouping them all into one thread.
  • Apphome: Added "Go to webapp" magic button that will allow you to auto login to web app
  • Now you can disable task activity aggregation in Standup settings.
  • Team holiday calendar can now be updated only by Standup admin
  • Support for unfurl of case insensitive Jira IDs
  • Resolved bug in Standup report when first user skips report in cross time zone Standup

Jul 16, 2020 - Standup Skip and @mentions

Mention Users in Standup Report

Troopr now lets you call out people you need to followup on the issues mentioned in Standup update. This will trigger discussion on blockers and drive towards resolution.

Jira auto-mapping enhancements

More efficiently auto-map team members in Slack with their Atlassian accounts. Troopr has more granular configuration to track and manage auto mapping.

Standup Skip feature

Now Troopr lets you skip standup with a button click. Participants who choose to skip a standup meeting will not be listed in the awaiting answers list and will not be reminded anymore for that standup.

Support for markdown in task description

Troopr now supports editing task description in markdown both in Slack and in the web application. The text editor enhancement in the web app allows users to edit markdown directly or use visual tools.

Fixes and improvements

  • Standup submission reminder now supported for user timezone as well
  • Members invited to your workspace can now be assigned tasks even before they accept the invite. Useful when setting up tasks for your team members first time.
  • Standup listing now includes report timezone information.
  • Now you can find and browse any Standup in your workspace in readonly mode.
  • Issues with answering Standup from some mobile devices fixed.
  • Sprint planning view now shows Sprint dates against each Sprint.
  • Fixed bug with skipped Standup reports not showing in user time zone Standups.

Jun 25, 2020 - Multiple workspaces and Google signup

Multiple workspaces

If you are part of multiple Slack workspaces where Troopr is installed, you can now login once and switch workspaces with single click. This makes it easier to collaborate across teams while keeping separated access control.

Google Signup

If your team does not use Slack, you can now signup for Troopr Squads using your Google account. Invite team members with email invites into the workspace and organize tasks for them in Squads.

Squads: Task Key

Troopr auto-generates a convenient and customizable key when new Squads are created. Squad key is used to generate keys for tasks in the Squad that is easy to remember and recall.

Fixes and improvements

  • You can update your profile pic that shows up in your tasks and standups
  • You can search tasks by keywords matching task title or key
  • You can manage workspace labels in workspace settings. Convenient to change a label color or remove unused labels.
  • Fixed few bugs in Sprint behavior when user overrides default schedule.
  • Few bugs in drag and drop behavior when filters are applied fixed.
  • Troopr now remembers user task listing filters in Slack. So next time you come back to Troopr in Slack, you will see the list of your tasks just the way you wanted.
  • Slack channel onboarding for Troopr Squads to set channel defaults
  • Now only creator of the Standup can delete web reports in the Standup
  • Now you can choose between sending participant submissions in a Standup Report in a Slack thread or as individual messages
  • Invite button in Slack app home to easily invite Troopr to channel

Jun 4, 2020 - Improvements to Troopr Squads

Squad: Sprint Scheduling improvements

You can now customize schedule for your Sprints. Set your own Sprint duration, time between Sprints, Spillover behaviour etc. Automated Sprint cycles let you easily plan for future Sprints ahead of time.

Squad: Convert Slack chat to task, Setup channel notifications & more

Now you can create a task from a Slack message in one click. Troopr preserves context for future reference. You can also subscribe to notifications from a specific Troopr Squad in a Slack channel. Notifications can be realtime or scheduled and also comes with granular event selection so your team get notified about the right events at the right time.

Fixes and improvements

  • Support for Saturdays in Standup schedule.
  • Support for manual user mapping in Jira Server on behalf of your team members
  • Removed archive tasks from task listing in Slack
  • New tasks now default to self assignment in Slack
  • Support for Troopr Squads in Slack channel onboarding

April 30, 2020 - Big improvements to Standups

Standup Engagement Report

Get helpful insights on team participation and other metrics.

Multiple days support in Standup

You can now select days of the week when the standup will run. An improvement from fixed weekly and daily options earlier.

Standup Holidays Settings

Pick the days of the year when Troopr will skip the standup. Easy configuration accessible on the web application for every Standup.

Fixes & improvements

  • Slack Standup Report now includes absentee list (with silent mention) for easy one click followup directly in Slack.
  • Standup Report submission no longer fails when answer contain invalid Jira issues

April 16, 2020 - Compact Reports & other enhancements to Standups

Compact Standup Report

Based on customer feedback we made the web report for Standup more compact so you can comfortably view any report without horizontal scroll

Custom Wait Time for Standup

You can now customize how long your Standups will run. Just start typing any time and pick from the list of options.

Setup optional Question for Standup

All Standup questions are now optional by default with the exception of the first one. Participants no longer need to type fill in answers where not relevant.

Fixes and enhancements

  • Total number of questions are shown in Standup Answer modal (so users wont miss)
  • Slack Report now excludes absentees from the report and add them to report summary instead
  • More fixes to make Slack Report more compact and glance-able view
  • Jira activity log will now expand upto 3 activities by default
  • Multiple bug fixes in the new web application UI
  • Troopr Slack App now includes "Help Center" and "Feedback" links so getting in touch with us is easier.

APR 02, 2020 - New improved Troopr Web app

New improved navigation in web application

Cleaner and improved UI in web application for current features. Easier navigation and use of mature UI components are highlights. Also makes way for some of the big new upgrades coming in May.

Standups now in Slack Apphome

You can now create and manage your Standups in Slack Apphome. This is huge improvement in discoverability and accessibility of key Standup features without having to go through chat commands. This is one part of many new upgrades coming soon to Slack App Home. Read more about why we are excited about the Slack AppHome here.

Fixes and enhancements

  • Standup Support for 18hr and 24hr wait times
  • Standup Fixed report auto-complete bugs when Jira is not connected but user mentioned Jira tickets
  • Standup "Run now" and delete Standup now include confirmation

Updated 25 Dec 2021
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