Team Mood Anonymous

You can engage your team with team mood Check-in questions in Slack. Troopr will ask your team mood question to the participants and send summary responses in Slack channels and web.


To setup a team mood Check-in, navigate to "Troopr Assistant" Home tab, click on "New Check-in" and select "Anonymous Team Mood" from the drop-down.

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  1. Set up the schedule to manual or recurring. Pick the participants for the team mood Check-in.
  2. Pick a team mood question or customize the question.
  3. Choose the reporting options similar to how it is done for standup Check-in.

Customize Emojis

Customize the emojis and associated mood text in the web app after creating the Check-in.

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Starting a team mood Check-in, answering and managing reports is similar to how it is done for Standup Check-in


Participants can also comment on other submissions. Comments and reply to comments are completely anonymous.

Anonymous commenting
Anonymous commenting


Example of team mood report compiled by Troopr in Slack thread.

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Team Mood Check-in reports are also available in the web app.

Action Items

The facilitator can create action items for every team mood Check-in and track them in one place.

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Example of a team mood insights report compiled by Troopr for the web.

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Holiday Planning

Setting up team holidays is similar to how it is done for Standup Check-ins. Team (Check-in) Holidays Global Holiday