Multiple Timezones

When setting up Check-in for a team with members in multiple time zones, you may want them to answer at a time that suits their time zone. Troopr lets you set up Check-ins that run at the user's local time zone.

Setting the schedule

When setting up the Check-in schedule, choose "User local time zone" for time zone. This will tell Troopr to check-in with participants at times based on their local time zones.

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Wait Time options

When setting up waiting time, it is important to take into account that all participants have had the opportunity to check-in. So the waiting time you choose will be relative to the time zone that will trigger the check-in last.

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So if you have members of your team in Bangalore, London, New York and Los Angeles. The 30min wait time will be relative to the time zone that will trigger last, Los Angeles in this case. This will allow participants in Los Angeles 30min before the Check-in is officially closed and the report is sent to the reporting channel.

Report Delivery options

By default, the report including check-in responses from all participants will be sent after the configured wait time. However, you may choose the "After each response" option in which case Troopr will post each user's check-in as soon as they submit.

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Updated 22 Dec 2021
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