Getting Started (Team members)

Accessing Check-ins

Every team member will see their Check-ins in Troopr App Home in Slack. There is no need to request for their Check-ins using commands, Troopr provides a persistent and current list of Check-ins with a single click.

To access Troopr App Home, click on "Troopr Assistant" in Slack. Then navigate to the Home tab.

If "Troopr Assistant" is not visible, add the app first by clicking on "+" button next to Apps and choosing "Troopr Assistant".

The list shows Check-ins associated with the user. The list is always up to date and actionable.

New Check-in Notification

Every participant receives a Slack notification briefing the Check-in information as and when the facilitator has set up a meeting.

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Answering Check-in

When it is time to answer a Check-in, participants receive a Slack message with a button prompting them to answer. Participants are also allowed to answer the Check-in later. In this case, Troopr can send one or more reminders before wait time, encouraging the participants to contribute. Read about Reminders

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Updated 22 Dec 2021
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